Friday, 31 August 2012

A Rant About Twitter!

Why Can't You Manage The People You Follow on Twitter?
I want a Twitter address book!

Tooled up and ready to tweet

There is something that really, really irritates me about Twitter - don't get me wrong, I am still the Twitter convert of a earlier this year, I still think that it is the most amazing small business marketing and profile raising medium that I have ever come across - but! .......................Why is there no way of being able to search easily amongst either your followers or those you follow to find that one person you remember following ummm about 4 weeks ago, that did something specific that you knew would be useful at some point, but now you can't remember their name, or when you followed them, or what their name is or.............................Well you get the gist - I can't remember them.

What I would like is a Twitter address book.   A way of categorising those people who I follow.  Some I follow because they are in the same/similar business, some because of their blogs, some because they are amusing, newsworthy, interesting, local, different, useful etc But there are a few, a minority that I just come across and think  oh they could be useful I'll follow them - but then I can't find them again.

I was looking for, you see I can't quite remember how they described themselves - I think it was an Eco somebody in buildings.  Can I find them?  No!  Can I forward their details on to someone who I know they would be useful too - no!  

So all you wonderfully amazing computer, internet, fantastic people could you please design a way of sorting out our followers into an address book - and before you ask - lists don't work if that person doesn't tweet much!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Who's Afraid of Colour? Don't be!

I was asked to design a garden.  Not my forte but it was a favour for a friend.  The only stipulation (other than cost - as inexpensive as possible) was that they wanted to inject some colour into the garden that wasn't reliant on plants and flowers - they wanted something that would cheer them up during the long winter months as well. 

The garden is a typical London terraced plot, NNE facing (little/no sun during the winter) so plants have to be selected with this in mind (I got help with this).  They  needed a shed for storage and secondly to provide space for the husband who likes making things with wood. Other aspects to consider: a 10 year old son  who still liked playing in the garden, compost bin, water butt, somewhere for a cold frame, vegetable beds (small) some fruit trees, a bed for flowers and extra bike storage.  When listed out like that it is a lot to get into a small space and leave some grass!

The photo's are taken from the decking outside of the kitchen doors where the outside raised decking/eating area has table, chairs and bbq.  The painted wall by the shed hides the water butt, compost bin and cold frame.  The bright purple panels at the back of the garden hide the bike/wood storage and provide a platform for the children to play on/read on/chuck water balloons from! 

The old lap over fencing is faced with oak batons. Behind is painted cream to lighten the area.   There are going to be two espallied fruit trees on the right.  Between the trees (at present full of courgette plants) are the three raised vegetable/herb beds.

There is a mirror in front of the steps to the platform which reflects back the garden.  The planters in front of the raised eating platform are the same purple as the back panels.  The planters (with veg in) are painted a dark grey. 

Now down to the real question of this blog - colour!  Who is afraid of using it either in their house or in their garden?  

I have been lucky recently to have clients that haven't been afraid of using colour in their homes.  This has been a change from recent years where beige/griz/cream have been the favourite colours of use.  

What would I advise? Be brave!  Use colour - it can inject life and zing into a scheme be it either inside or out.  Remember paint can be changed - if you either grow bored of it, or fashions change. 

These people were brave to go for the liliac/purple combination? What do you think - does it work for you?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Olympics, Twitter and Work - an Unholy Trinity.

I started the month with such good intentions.  I had my list of things that need to be done and accomplished:

1) Update website - new photos and content.
2) Write out details and a list of new blogs
3) Update twitter
4) Sort out Twit for You
5) Paperwork and accounts (I know that is an ongoing situation) but I need to remind, chivvy myself to do this!
6) Sort out children stuff
7) Ongoing jobs – keep them going and working (although they are rather quiet at the moment)!

You get the drift – all those things  that a person running their own business and a family has to do.

Then what happens - The Olympics!

I have to admit that I am not a sporty person:  I don't  follow any sports, champion a team, watch the telly avidly or get absorbed, I walk my dog, swim sometimes, play a little social tennis etc etc.  - but, starting with the opening ceremony I have become rather obsessed with the Olympics.  I have been watching sports that I know nothing about, shouting at the television in the hopes that the athletes can hear me, started reeling off statistics and criticising the athletes techniques.   Last week I knew nothing - this week I am an expert.  We have had the television or computer live feed on - all the time!  The children are enjoying the wall to wall television with not so much of a whimper of protest from me.   It has all been wonderful.  The atmosphere in London is fantastic, the coverage has been superb (so much better than the Jubilee) the commentators appropriate (in the main) and the skill, fitness and ability of these dedicated athletes a joy and wonder to behold.

What with Olympic TV coverage 20 sports plus (how does one choose?) and Twitter stream comments I haven't got anything done.  The back up of items to do on my list is getting rather frightening.  So, I have promised myself that once the closing ceremony is over, that is it - nose to grindstone and I will (hand on heart) start to get some work done!

You have it in writing - tell me off if I don't!