Friday, 8 June 2012

What has Twitter done for me?

So, what has Twitter done for me?  I've been actively engaging on this social media site for the last  8 weeks - Um, let me count the things!

1) I have a job - thank you Barclay Interiors

2) There are many authors on Twitter and I've read a number of books: a couple of the good ones so far: The Rings of Alathea by Dan Moore and  Designer Devil by Stuart Peel

Scarf from Horrockses Fashion
3) I won a beautiful silk scarf from Horrockses Fashion

4) Had photographs of our Street Party taken for the local newspaper.  

5) Been inspired by the amazing Keren Lerner Top Left Design with whom I won a few hours of her time to discuss my blog and website.  I shall definitely be using her services in the future and the technically savy and Twitter guru Alicia Cowen.

6) Wasted huge amounts of time!   The amount of information on Twitter is slightly overwhelming. You could spend all day just  watching your feed and pinging to websites and not get a thing done....shh don't tell anyone that is exactly what has happened to me on occasions.

7) Found some interesting people.  The breath and wealth of talent is truly amazing - and I would not have come into contact with half of these people had they not either followed me or I followed them. 

8) New suppliers of furniture, fabrics and other house hold bits and pieces that I will use in the future.

9) Enjoyed some brilliant blogs  Mad About the House by Kate Watson Smyth is one I particularly enjoy.  

10) Lastly but not least an idea for a new, but small business - helping people around Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, Linkedin and other social media sites.  Click for more info:  Twit For You

It has all been a most wonderful and entertaining 8 weeks.  I have to admit to still learning Twitter etiquette, I do apologise when I get it wrong.  All in all I have found Twitter to be an interesting, entertaining and informative place.  I have also wasted a lot of time on there!  You have been warned.