Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Twitter for the Beginner - musings and some helpful websites.

I do not pretend to be anything but a beginner in the miasmic world of Twitter and other Social Media.   However, for those who have and those about to enter into the heaving firmament of Twitter, I have a little advice gleaned from my recent immersion into this world.

There are lots and lots and lots of sites out there that say they can help, will help, are helpful - but AREN'T.

Twitter is and can be a HUGE waste of time unless you manage it well - that is the art of Twitter - MANAGEMENT.

So following on from my last blog listing out some websites that have been recommended by others I will give my opinion of the ones that I have found most useful. 

  • These are similar platforms that enable you to run different columns so that you can easily see your Twitter stream, divide out your followers into any sub category you like (which makes them easier to follow), mentions, schedule tweets and your tweets.  Rather than just one long twitter feed.  Makes it much easier to see what and who is Tweeting so you can respond.  You can add further columns but that is for the advanced user!

  • Umm I like this one, once loaded it enables you to click on an icon at the bottom of any webpage and it will load the URL for that website for you to form into a Tweet for  distribution.  So, if you find something interesting it is easy to share it with friends and followers.

  • Another useful website that will shorten those peskily long URL's (thus using up many of your precious 140 characters) enabling you to add more comment and less web address.  Very clever.

  • Wow, I've only just found this site and it's the best how to, where to, what to, why to site of ALL things Twitter.  It has the answers to all those questions you want to ask but don't know who to ask!  This is a definite go to site for the beginner.

What else have I learnt.

  • Do start lists of the people you follow on Twitter - from the very beginning!  Otherwise you will find yourself swamped with info and not sure where they all belong in the scheme of things.  
  • How to do this:  when you click to follow someone, there is also another button with a little head and shoulder - click on that and then add to list.  Create your own list titles and add each person each time.  Essential management.
  • That I can spend and have spent hours and hours just looking at all the fascinating information that people forward on.  This is a problem - I have other work to do and I am being diverted from that while I 'play' on Twitter.  I know that this will calm down in time as I find out exactly how to manage Twitter - but for the moment it has opened a whole new internet information stream to me and it is difficult to justify this as anything but a waste of time!
  • To be honest I am not completely sold on the idea that Twitter will help me in my professional life, but I can see it's value for some businesses.  If I set up a new business - I would without a doubt Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin as an essential form of marketing and getting your new business name and new product out there. But for me - now at this moment, I'm not sure.  What do you think?  Do comment.

Now what do I have to do when not playing on Twitter
  • sort out my marketing, 
  • get a new website, find a new 'look' for my business, 
  • decide how I want to promote my business over all media 
  • get new business

Oh yes, and in the meantime make sure that all current clients are kept happy and work is done!  Ah the life of the multi tasker, such hectic bliss is ours.