Thursday, 14 November 2013

Roca Gallery - London

Roca Gallery – London

A sinuous, curvaceous form showroom/gallery designed by  Zaha Hadid.  The inspiration for the shapes and form of the space taken from the effects of water, how it moves and erodes through stone, forming and making caverns and spaces.  But forgetting all that this showroom is a wonderful space!  You are lead through the curving spaces, exploring like child, keen to see what is at the end, behind the bend, in through the arch.  Lit with defused light bouncing off the ceiling from channels of light scribed out of the ceiling.   The tight palette of grey, white and black displays the ‘pedestrian’ bathroom fittings in an exciting way.  The space excites and teases you in equal measure.  What fun – do go and have a look.
Roca Gallery, Station Approach, Townmead Road, London, SW6