Tuesday, 14 May 2013

An Evening of Inspiring Women at the Bingham Hotel, Richmond, London


A great evening organized by Lorena Ostergaard, Mhairi Hindle and Maureen Quantrill, supported by the The Bingham Hotel.  Two great speakers with two different but actually in the end similar messages.

Robyn Scott, MD of OneLeap
First Robyn Scott, Co-founder and Managing Director of OneLeap who spoke movingly about the South African charity Group of Hope - where maximum security prisoners at one of South Africa's most brutal, harsh prisons have combined together to help the orphaned and abandoned children of some of SA's townships, many of whom have Aids - in anyway that they can.  Robyn, described how this all came about;  through the prisoners themselves having the passion and compassion to try and do something for these children.  The charity is beginning to have an effect, helping the wretched lives of the children afflicted by this desperate disease.  A real case of from small acorns......a chance comment at an educational talk in the prison lit a bulb of an idea in one prisoner, who spoke to the right man in the prison management, who knew the right man, who spoke to.............etc etc.    

The above story in a way encapsulates Robyn's second job as Managing Director of OneLeap, which is also all about connections.  One where investors and business leaders are connected with entrepreneurs and small business owners who need: advice, money, mentoring, business know how.  OneLeap links them all together.  It also works the other way.  Some larger companies want the swift on your feet abilities of the small entrepreneur and want them to advise them in the swift moving business world we now find ourselves.

The second speaker of the evening was Life Coach and self improvement coach Dawn Breslin who talked about her depression following the birth of her child, how at a self help workshop she found what it is that she wanted and realized that 'If things aren't working in your life, only you can put it right' ....not that you are to blame, but that you have it within you to sort it out.  And that is what she did!  But like all good stories, things don't always go exactly to plan, and Dawn shared her recent problems; like many the credit crunch has hit her hard, but with a clear plan and confidence in her abilities she can see a way out and  a way through to the next stage of her life.  Life isn't a bed of roses, but with an idea and connections you are not alone and you can sort it out.   

Two very interesting women who stories were inspiring.  Thank you to all involved.