Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Surface at the Business Design Centre Feb 2013

Going to Surface at the Business Design Centre is rather like being a child in a sweet shop - you just want to try all the finishes, use all the finishes and use them NOW!  There were some wonderfully gloriously textured finishes in particle board, ceramics, wallpaper, coconut wood, water blown aluminium, wood and LED light sheets.  All begging to be used in the next interior.  As I said, child in sweet shop syndrome!

 Look at these wonderful textures - the first one is a full height 2mtr wall panel lit from above which would look fantastic in a hall or living room perhaps as a room divider from Valchromat. The second is an LED light sheet from LED Light Sheets Ltd.   And the third a small section of aluminium formed by blowing water through the setting metal.  Light as a feather and so interesting in texture - imagine this lit from below and used behind glass.

And how about these fabulous wall panels, all texture and interest.  Digitally carved swirls in a wooden panel and woven thin laminate with a lovely silvering effect. 

Other exciting products - LED lit stair handrails by Handrails of Distinction by Charles Crowson, a bit bling but could be fun in the right situation.  
More interesting uses for led light:  the different colours and textures that can be formed with these exciting new lights, from LED light sheets as before. 

These pictures don't do these exciting wallcoverings justice.  
The large print leaf skeletons are about 3 foot long and covered the 3 meter wall in a non repeating pattern.  All these digital papers can be printed to order from Space Innovations Ltd

The whole show was full of fascinating and interesting products. Mother of pearl, shapes, recycled timber panels.  
Different coloured coconut wood flooring - hard, waterproof and interestingly textured from  Eco Palm Flooring

There was glass with grass inside, glass that was textured and styled.  Ceramic tiles with etched patterns in in incredible colours.  Porcelain floor tiles that looked just like wood.  Fabulous  surfaces that could be used for kitchen worktops.  Timber cladding that wasn't timber.  Chain link fabric that could be used to clad buildings and other interesting products from design colleges and a plethora of information for those who wanted to be informed and stimulated. 

Now I just need a client brave enough to use these products and a project that suits them!